1. somethingbysomeonetricoastal:

    The Screwed Up Saints
    candles will be available @ 12am Friday morning @ somethingbysomeone.bigcartel.com

  2. keepcompany:

    Don’t forget, just one more week to pre-order your keepcompany x teganandsara limited edition shoes!

    peep dis!
    sick meow at the end! loool


  3. caesarbravo-deactivated20131001 said: Woooah those shots with mirrors are nuts! keep killing it!

    thanks for the support!!!
    i have some new stuff I am working on at the moment.


  4. testing, testing

    Shot a roll with my Nishika n9000 for keepcompany's Fall styles

  5. thewalljar:


    That’s probably one of the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen.

    Brittney Meyer — your officially in the world! Tumblr says so. xo.

    IS THIS REAL LIFE?! thanks courtney!!

    also pretty bummed my domain is in chinese limbo

    new temporary site www.brittneymeyer.us

  6. bruise life 2013

  7. toomuchfastfood:



    11.28 / 6-7 PM

    Peter Pan Mini Golf

    1207 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX

    We will be selling discounted books & Bobby Scheidemann will be signing copies of his book The Dew Sweeper from 6-7 pm.

    Join us for drinks and hang around for some putt putt.

    CASH & CHECKS ONLY (an ATM is one block away)

    Come play putt putt with me!

    wish i was in texas so i could go to this!

    (Source: timewithlight, via bobbyscheidemann)

  8. candles (Taken with Cinemagram)

  9. willw:

    Nimslo 3D

    Can’t wait for this to come in the mail!!!!

  10. lithoshop:

    Jeff Dell, screenprint, 2011.

    I was at the Tamarind Institute studying the lithography in 1996 when I meet Jeff. He was a grad student at the University of New Mexico, collaborating will three of eight student printers. We were not paired together, but I got to know him. See him once in a blue moon. He’s teaching at Texas State University, printing some sweet things too.